Rewards Terms & Conditions

Who is eligible to join the rewards program?

Pho Barclay Rewards (“Rewards” or the “Program”) membership is open to anyone 16 years of age or older legally residing in the United States and countries that legally permit participation. The program is intended for individual use only; corporate Rewards accounts are not available at this time. One membership card will be issued per account, and each person is allowed one membership.

How many points will I earn on purchases? Are there any exceptions?

As a Rewards member, you will earn five points for every dollar spent on food, beverage, retail items and gift cards purchased at the Restaurant. Promotional point offers, including double or bonus points, may be subject to restrictions and black-out dates at the Restaurant’s discretion. Points are not earned when a gift card is purchased, however they are earned when gift cards are redeemed (unless purchase is paid for via a third party, such as GrubHub).

How do I earn rewards?

For every 500 points earned, a $5 reward will be available to you. Rewards are earned in 500 point increments and will be awarded in $5 increments. Any points earned over the reward amount will remain in the account and continue to accumulate until the next $5 reward is earned. Once your account balance reaches 500 points or more, you will receive a notice on or attached to your restaurant receipt informing you of your accumulated reward(s). The reward will automatically be added to your card and applied at your next visit.

Will I earn points for orders placed through third-party services, such as Eat 24?

Unfortunately, you will only earn points on such orders if you elect to pay in-store at the time of pickup. Orders paid via third-party services are not points-eligible.

Will I earn points on to-go orders?

Of course. Simply pay for your order at pick-up and present your card. We’ll take care of the rest.

What does it cost to join?


Where can I join?

Complete the form on, then bring the confirmation email to the Restaurant (either on paper or on your phone) to pick up your card. Or, visit the Restaurant and sign up on one of our tablets.

Do I receive a bonus or gift for signing up?

We will occasionally offer bonuses or other sign-up incentives, which will be listed at 100 point bonuses were made available to customers who reserved cards prior to Program launch; this promotion is no longer available after April 11, 2017.

Why do you need my phone number?

This provides us with an alternative way to look up your account. We will not sell this information.

How can I use my rewards?

Rewards may be used for food and beverage purchases. Rewards may not be used to purchase gift cards or certificates, retail merchandise or games; or for tax or gratuity. Rewards are issued, and must be used, in $5 increments. In addition, there is no carry-over balance for any used rewards; therefore, if your purchase is for less than the reward amount, the remaining unused reward amount will be lost. If you cannot use your entire reward amount, we recommend you defer it (see below).

Can I defer a reward and use it later?

Yes! Just notify your Restaurant server. Members may defer rewards up to a maximum reward total of $50 (5,000 points). As long as $50 in rewards are in the account, no additional rewards will be issued. The reward may be used in any dollar amount up to the value of rewards in the member’s account; however, since there is no carry-over balance, any unused reward amount will be lost.

If you choose to defer redemptions, this will not extend the expiration period of the earned rewards. Earned rewards will expire 12 months from the date of issuance even if the rewards are deferred.

Is there a way to check my rewards balance online?

Unfortunately, our system does not offer this option right now. But stay tuned!

Are there any other benefits to the program?

Rewards members are eligible for priority seating (based on availability). You will receive seating privileges each operating day, for parties of six or less. Priority seating on a walk-in basis ensures you quick attention and the first available table for a party of your size. Rewards card must be presented to the host/hostess to utilize this privilege.

When do my points and rewards expire?

All points are valid for 12 months from the date of issue, and all earned rewards are valid for 12 months from the date issued. Unused points and earned rewards will expire 12 months from the date of issue or the date of reward, as applicable. Expired points and rewards cannot be extended or reinstated.

Are there restrictions on the use of my Rewards card?

We try to keep these to a minimum. You may not earn more than 5,000 points in a single day, and cannot split checks on large parties or banquets to acquire points beyond the daily maximum. No points will be awarded for deposits on banquets, room or equipment rental charges or service fees. You are eligible to earn points for group events held at the Restaurant provided you are enrolled in the program prior to booking the event. You may earn a maximum of 5,000 points in a single day for group events. Points cannot be earned in conjunction with discounted or promotional group menus, with any other special group offer, employee discount or any other designated offer, discount, bulk gift card purchases, promotion or dollar-off, limited-time promotions. Points will only be issued to the Pho Barclay Rewards member who pays the bill.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If a membership card is lost or stolen prior to activation, you should immediately call the Restaurant. A replacement card will be issued immediately.

In the event of a lost or stolen card, upon notification, the Restaurant will make a replacement membership card available for pick-up. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the program is not responsible for lost points or rewards associated with lost or stolen membership cards. Pho Barclay reserves the right to charge $5.00 for replacement of membership cards.

What if I forget to bring my card to the restaurant?

A membership card does not need to be presented to earn points or redeem rewards. In lieu of the membership card, you may provide the phone number identified in your account registration to earn points at the time of purchase. If rewards are being redeemed, member will also be required to show valid ID.

Only the member to whom the membership card is issued may earn points or redeem rewards. The member must be paying for the food and beverage to earn points. Membership cards are issued to individuals only, not businesses or other entities or groups. Rewards points are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable.

Can you add my Rewards account to a transaction after the fact (i.e., if I forget to provide information at the time of purchase)?

Unfortunately, points can only be earned at the time of purchase. Point updates for a restaurant transaction are computer generated. We will be unable to assign points for any guest receipt or other proof of purchase presented after the time of visit.

What information do I need to provide in order to sign up?

Members must provide a valid email address and other information to register their account. The information provided during registration will not be sold or given to third parties (except for use for administration of the program).

To ensure delivery of Pho Barclay Rewards emails to your inbox (not bulk or junk folders), please add to your address book. Individuals are only allowed one membership.


Pho Barclay is not liable for points or rewards lost due to fraudulent or unauthorized use, whether resulting from a lost card or otherwise. Illegal, fraudulent or other unauthorized use of Rewards card, or other activity inconsistent with these terms and conditions, will result in termination of membership and/or forfeiture of earned points and/or rewards. Multiple accounts by the same person are prohibited and will be terminated. Pho Barclay reserves the right to audit membership accounts at any time.

By registering as a Rewards member, member accepts these program rules as they may be modified from time to time and published at Each time member participates in the program in any manner (earning points, redeeming rewards, accessing the website, etc.) member agrees to the current published terms and conditions. In addition, by registering as a Rewards member, member consents to receiving periodic emails and account balance information from the Rewards program. Members may unsubscribe to these email notices, but the Rewards program will not be able to inform such members about Rewards benefits, send reminders about member’s points and rewards or provide other important Rewards information. Member is responsible for making any needed account information updates (email address, personal information, etc.). The birthdate that you provide at time of registration cannot be changed. Name changes to account require proof of identification. Exclusive offers, promotions and program updates will be emailed to members, and Pho Barclay Rewards is not responsible for lost, delayed or undeliverable email.

Pho Barlcay reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the program terms, conditions and rewards without notice, or to terminate the program at any time upon 30 days’ notice. Pho Barclay reserves the right to change membership fees or membership requirements and benefits at any time. In the event the program is discontinued, any rewards earned prior to the member receiving notice shall be redeemable for a period of 30 days after issuance of notice of discontinuation of the program.

Members shall be bound by all the terms and conditions contained herein and by all applicable laws. All discrepancies in program terms and/or conditions shall be determined at the sole discretion of Pho Barclay (“Restaurant”). Federal and state tax liabilities, if any, shall be the sole responsibility of the Rewards member.

Pho Barclay further reserves the right to change restaurants and other participating locations at any time.

Employees of Pho Barclay and their spouses are ineligible for Rewards membership. Accounts identified as such will be immediately invalidated.

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