Truth in Takeout

Pho to Go

Pizza, Chinese, Sandwiches…Finally, a Better Affordable Take-Out Option.


Takeout pizza can contain as much as 40 grams of fat per slice.
We invented a patented device that removes nearly all of the fat from our soup broths. Ask us to show you.
At many Chinese restaurants, nearly every vegetable you order takes a trip through the deep fryer – from jicama to broccoli.
At Pho Barclay, our vegetables are blanched, absorbing flavor from our delicious broths and sauces…not fatty oils.
Some popular sub shops sell sandwiches with as many as 760 calories per serving – not counting the chips and soda.
Our soups clock in around half that calorie count. They also contain less sodium than is standard at other Vietnamese restaurants.


Everything is packed in our convenient to-go containers – including our soup (pictured above) – with everything you need, from chopsticks to hot sauce.
And it’s all ready fast. The average order is available for pickup in less than 15 minutes.
Plus, most of our entrees are less than $10. Healthy for you, healthy for your wallet.
Why not try us today (or tonight)?